We are evolving – The journey of BMP Technologies

BMP technologies started in 2016 and have progressed steadily over the years as an IT staffing partner for some truly great organisations. It has been a learning and a valuable journey to come this far and support over 30 Tier 1 customers in Australia by bringing in talent to their teams. No progress can happen without change and every year challenges us to grow even faster. The fundamental belief behind our approach to dealing with customers is to help them succeed in their goals. We have not lost a single customer in the last 5 years because of our single-pointed focus on the success of their programs and IT goals

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose to respond to them”.

One of our biggest, changes that happened in the pandemic was to evolve into an IT Solution Consulting and Delivery organisation that is now ready to support our clients with people, platforms, and processes as they work through digital transformations as an “Automation Pioneer”


“We deliver value for you” 

 Our vision is to work as a transformation partner that can help deliver programs with high business value and confidence. We believe in being a trusted partner for our clients to deliver programs on time and within budget with a high focus on quality.   

A recent survey of senior executives found that digital transformation failure is their primary concern in 2021. Yet 70% of all digital transformation’s initiatives do not reach their goals. Why do some transformation efforts succeed, and others fail? Fundamentally, it’s because most digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, digital transformation will simply magnify those flaws.  

A few simple things can help an organisation succeed in their digital transformation. 

People: Rather than trying to keep everything under one “house,” companies are realizing that they can simply partner with the best people in other organizations to make even stronger products and services. And moving forward, the tech will become so much more complex, that working with partners will likely be the only realistic option.  

BMP brings in a team of experts that expand your capability to deliver transformations. We take great pride in our people and the work they are doing for some of the most trusted brands. Some of our experts have delivered some of the most challenging programs like setting up QA strategy and test governance for a large bank in Sydney, digital transformation for a vehicle management company amongst many others.  

Lastly, delivering any large program usually requires a village. Finding the right people is always hard to support programs but IT staffing processes are not new to our team. We have expertise in finding and building teams.  

Process: In the past few years, we have seen a significant migration toward deepening tech partnerships to drive digital transformation. Long and short, partnerships are evolving and companies that get it, tend to see better results. Many businesses can benefit from partnerships, especially when it comes to expediting digital transformation. BMP partners with leading technology companies that help our clients deliver results without replying to in-house builds for solving every problem that can impact the time and budget for the transformation. 

Mindset: BMP takes pride in our team culture and growth mindset. Digital transformation is a huge, unwieldy, ongoing process. It’s no longer possible to do all the work alone—even as a singular enterprise. If you want to make it for the long haul, find other companies who have the values you do and the skillsets you don’t. BMP team brings in the values of transparency, agility and proactive support that is needed for the success of a digital transformation. 

We also believe in leveraging like-minded partners to provide niche capability to bring in the best services for our clients. Some of our partners include Diffblue, Testim.io, Katalon and Applitools where BMP can provide a spectrum of services.  

Offshore: One of the biggest changes that the pandemic drove within the IT workforce was the acceptance of remote work. BMP technologies have partnered with Critical River to create an offshore development centre in India with over 600+ experts in automation. Critical River offers IT technology and consulting services with deep domain expertise in Salesforce, Oracle, Cloud & Utilities solutions. The critical river also adds to BMP abilities the capability to support Salesforce and Oracle transformation programs.   

In our journey of evolution what has not changed is our focus on teamwork and celebrating each moment of success with the team. At BMP we inspire each other to bring out the best each day. We do not know what next year would look like, but we are very excited about supporting our customers each day through all challenges.   

The Community – “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” 

In conclusion, while all companies are profit-driven; BMP values one aspect over and above profits and that is the welfare of the community around us. We support non profit organisations to raise funds and help the less privileged in the local community. We believe in uplifting and helping the community to grow by sponsoring for several community and regional events, Saaya being one of them. We are very proud to say we have placed around 70% female candidates during the pandemic and also have guided the mothers who have been in their career break and also placed a few of them with a decent position with our client. Also, to add we have given internship opportunities for the IT and non-IT students during the pandemic helping them to gain the experience and exposure in the corporate sector. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing the community thrive and celebrate each day. 

  • Written By Surya Pillai 

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